My main area of expertise is Translation. As a qualified linguist, I can also offer Revision, Proofreading and Transcription services.


Traslation of written texts from French and English into Italian. Please see my specialisation fields in About, but do not hesitate to contact me for any other field, as I might be able to offer the service for other fields or help you find another linguist for the job! Translation work is evaluated per word. Please get in touch for a quote!

Revision, Editing Proofreading

Do you already have a translation of your material or website, but you are not sure it is going to get you what you need or pass your message on? If the text needs a Revision or Editing, this means that I will check the Italian against the original English or French and mark any omissions or errors. If the text needs Proofreading, this means the text is at the final step before use, so I will check that all surface errors are corrected. These services are evaluated per hour.


I am also available for transcription for Italian. Transcription will convert your audio and video files in written texts. Transcription services are evaluated per hour.

Things you want to know (aka FAQs)

Translation work is priced per word, while revision, editing, proofreading and transcription are priced per hour. Every project will have its tailored quote, depending on field, number of words, deadline. I accept payment via PayPal or bank transfer and I can issue an invoice for your use.

Depending on the complexity of the text, I usually have an output of 2000~2500 words. Please note that there is a part of work that is done on language research before and during the translation itself.

There is no doubt that you could use a machine translation tool to have the work done. But will it understand and translate all the inner meaning of the text as you have conceived it and according to your idea of business? I am afraid it will not. The input of a professional is invaluable when it comes to conveying messages, not just words.

Yes, I work with MateCat and SDL Trados.

Let’s cross bridges. Let’s work together.

Let’s cross bridges.
Let’s work together.