MERAKI (μεράκι) ,

(n.) (sense of) dedication, enthusiasm, gusto, passion

MERAKI (μεράκι) ,

(n.) (sense of) dedication, enthusiasm, gusto, passion

What is MeraKi?

If you search the web for “MeraKi” you will find that it is considered a noun. Or a verb. Or an adjective. Or an adverb. Many Greek native speakers say it is indeed a noun – you do things with MeraKi. It is no coincidence that this word is often associated with food and cooking, and that I stumbled upon it while I was looking for a name for my freelance business. 

Anything associated with food is deeply ingrained in my identity of Italian and foodie – that is why it is one of the area in which I specialise. To do something with MeraKi means to do it with a light heart and a smile on your face. It means to put a little bit, or better a lot of, yourself into it.

Why MeraKi?

I was born in Taranto, a town in Apulia, South Italy, and of strong Greek heritage. I wanted for the name to carry the presence of this heritage – in a way or another, a deep consciousness of my heritage has accompanied me in my journey through countries, languages and cultures.

The meaning of MeraKi itself has also stuck with me: I translate with MeraKi. I translate with passion, I am deeply interested in the mechanism of conveying a message from a cultural point of view to another. I am all for a seamless flow of words that just makes your client get what you have to offer.

Are you ready to work the MeraKi way?

Are you ready to work
the MeraKi way?

If you are not only looking for your text or website to be translated, but for them to meet your client where they are able to receive the message, look no further. I am ready to listen to your projects, your final aim, and do my best to implement all that you have to say in my work and final Italian rendition.

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