To be or not to be – or better how to be: an entrepreneur

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Let’s celebrate Entrepreneurship this November! The job role that is most seeked by my generation and, I am sure you would agree, by most people nowadays. It seems to be the dream to be able to work for oneself. And indeed it is my dream too! The road to entrepreneurship is surely less glam than one would think: it involves long working hours (when you probably already have a job to support yourself), initial investment, constant dedication and lots of new skills to be acquired as you get ready to cover different job roles to make your little business bloom.

As I am just starting to grow my business, I find that it is so important to have clear objectives and always be on the learning side of things. Nevertheless, having studied translation at a Master’s level, I find it unbelievable that no introduction to entrepreneurship was made during my course. If you are into podcasts, especially translation related ones, this one delves into the topic of translators and intepreters seen as entrepreneurs. Self-confidence is very important when trying to build your own business, but what if we do not have that quality? It is suggested that the more you get involved in sector conferences and start networking, the more you get confident in your role. It is also very important to see yourself as an entrepreneur, not only as a translator, interpreter or copywriter.

If you are a successful entrepreneur already, however you measure your success, then remember to always take care of yourself in the busy life that you have built! Especially when you think you do not have time for that because, as we have covered above, you need to work long hours for a thriving business…well, that is exactly when you need to stop and do one of the following:

  • Carve out some time for yourself in your schedule. Yes, literally pencil it in!
  • Do some exercise.
  • Cultivate your hobbies.
  • Focus on the present moment.
  • Have a walk in nature.

In this mixture of career and personal tips, let’s all keep building ourselves up as the entrepreneurs we want to be and celebrate ourselves for choosing this path, succeeding at it and even making a mistake here and there!

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